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Animal Health Professions' Register

Animal Health Professions' Register

The Animal Health Professions’ Register is a voluntary register which has been developed by many representative groups of the animal health industries and includes the following subgroups:

• Animal Chiropractic and Manipulation
• Animal Hydrotherapy
• Animal / Veterinary Physiotherapy
• Animal Sports Therapy and Massage

Membership of the AHPR is open to those professions who provide services for the treatment of animals under veterinary referral and for the maintenance of health. Those professions providing treatment are required to base practice on evidence based therapies and clinical reasoning, as well as any therapies for which the benefits are observable and measurable. All our registrants who provide treatment for the musculoskeletal system of an animal work with full adherence to the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 2015 and only treat animals following veterinary referral, with veterinary permission, or with the knowledge of the consulting veterinary surgeon. For animal owners this means that the therapist who sees your animal for musculoskeletal therapies must be in contact with the animal’s vet to carry out any treatments.

The aim of the register is to raise standards in the industry and assist animal owners and veterinary surgeons in ensuring that the professionals they use to assist in the treatment and health maintenance of their or client’s animals are suitably trained and accountable.

All registrants have achieved an industry recognised appropriate standard of training through externally accredited courses, comply with Continuing Professional Development and hold full, valid professional indemnity insurance as required by the wider industry.

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